2019“Industry power”China baking Industry development summit

Activity Information:

2019 "the Power of the Industry" China Baking Industry Development Summit

The 23rd Global Food and Hospitality Trade Show, China (FHC)
Place: Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center
Time: 12-14 November
Exhibition No.: E6
Activities Brief
  The Industrial Power is a kind of “Joint Force” that all participants give to the baking industry through industrial integration. Baking Industry is a typical industry with a small size  of single enterprise but a large comprehensive number of ones, whose characteristics determine in stages that it is difficult for each of these enterprises themselves to gain more right of speech in the process of participating in  the cooperation and when facing the competition of different industry. The “Industrial Power” is an important force to enable the industry itself through internal integration, and is the general name of series of comprehensive activities, including forms of:  "China Baking Industry Development Forum," "Baking Impression" and "Baking Town," etc.
12-14 November, 2019

Baking town

Build the overall image of the baking industry, to provide the delicate space for the sponsored enterprises not only convenient to operate, but also entirely display their comprehensive strength.

Baking Impression · Extreme Subject Area of Single Product

According to the  market trend, the guidance group selected five patterns of large single products for the sponsored enterprises’ aiming research and development, or for the single product upstream enterprises combined with their own product promotion direction to research and develop single theme series of applied products, on site to build theme-single-product stall and display the overall scheme of applied products, so as to guide the industrial attention to detailing a single category and the great advantages that will bring for the enterprises.

Baking Impression · 5-Meal Baking Theme Area

The baking impression guide group plans to develop the breakfast and afternoon tea products applicable for the baking industrial market, through the combination package mode of baked products with drinks or other categories of products, scenarized present baked breakfast and afternoon tea product line planning and sale mode, to guide the industrial concern to the product scene attributes, and to the combination of  consumption scenes of breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and supper with baking industry.

Baking Impression · Store image Theme Area

Joint planning by the baking impression guidance team and the professionals of the catering space design and soft package display, cooperating among enterprises related to cake store space supporting such as the baking display cabinet enterprises, lighting and soft packaging display, to scenarized create future space of the bakery, so as to guide the industrial focus on the bakery’s consumption scene, the special use and the importance of its brand imaging.

Baking Impression · IP Application Theme Area

The Baking Industry Association of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce combines  with the IP resource of different industry, in the form of short-term authorization, outputs the IP resource to the upstream enterprise of the industry, through their product application to directionally develop and introduce IP resources to show on site, so as to tell what IP(intellectual property right is) for the industrial attention, and the importance of IP application to the value adding of the brand and the product.

Baking Impression · Chinese Pastry Revival Theme Area

Chinese pastry innovation and Chinese-Western craftsman making. The Baking Industry Association of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce invites 100 master group of Chinese pastry innovation revival and foreign Western cake masters to jointly discuss the innovative concept of the combination of Chinese and the Western pastry. Through by the continuous debugging of raw materials, technology and products, cross-border cooperation and organizing several roadshow activities to present products and models with more selling ways, topics and business value for our partners.

2019 “The Power of Industry” China Baking Industry Development Forum

Solve the present, foresee the future. Professionals from different industries are invited to share successful cases and analyze concepts in depth on five major themes: supreme single product, 5-meal baking, store image, IP application and Chinese pastry revival.

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