Since 2008, the China Canned Food Industry Association has regularly held the Shanghai International Canned Food and Raw Materials, Machinery and Equipment Expo in Shanghai every year. So far, it has been held for ten consecutive sessions. Its professionalism and customer satisfaction are widely recognized by enterprises, becoming a platform for industry exchanges and cooperation. During the FHC 2020, the China Canned Food Industry Association jointly hosted the exhibition with Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd. in the 200,000 square meters exhibition scale, the exhibition area of the canning exhibition is nearly 10,000 square meters, and the visitors are expected to reach 120,000 people. The exhibition is bound to become an annual industry event for all canned food, raw and auxiliary materials and machinery in the food industry.


The audience will mainly come from the upstream and downstream distributors, agents and professional buyers of the canned food industry, malls, supermarkets,e-commerce, baking and catering channels, Hotel channels, export and emergency purchasing. Relying on the FHC Shanghai Global Food Trade Show, the Shanghai International Franchise Expo and iFresh Asia Fruit & Vegetable Industry Expo, it is a strong alliance to share professional visitors in the food & beverage) industry.


Criteria & Featured Exhibition Area


canned fruits | canned meat | canned aquatic products | canned vegetables | canned nuts | canned foods for mothers and babies | canned foods for pets | agriculture products | aquatic products | livestock products, etc.
self-heating food | semi-finished dishes | ready-to-eat | seafood | other semi-finished food
Packaging supporting enterprises
production, sealing and sterilization of empty cans, other supporting machinery and equipment related to canned food
tinplate cans | high barrier soft packaging | easy open end | swing open the lid | sealant | printing | paint metal detection | instruments automatic weighing device | labeling machine, etc.

Previous Representative Exhibitors
Forum & Event

● China Canned food Industry Association The 5th Conference of the 5th Council Session
● Mobile Kitchen: Forum on the Development of Canned Food in China Facing New Market Demand
● Forum on the Healthy Development of Comprehensive Utilization of Canned Food Raw Materials in China
China Canned Food Industry Brand Selection (conducted in Chinese only)
● Canned Packaging Creative Design Forum
● Creative Canned Cuisine Show
● Canned Image Art Zone

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