1. Admission

Professionals, trade & business visitors only. Minors and members of the general public will not be admitted. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse admission or to remove any person without giving a reason. This applies also to the build-up and tear-down periods.

For safety reasons, children below the age of 18 will not be allowed to accompany exhibitors or visitors into the exhibition halls at any time, from build-up, show days to tear-down periods.

2. Promotion during the Show

Exhibitors are asked not to place stickers, signs or posters anywhere in the halls other than within their own stands and on paid advertising poster sites and billboards. Likewise, exhibitors' representatives may not distribute brochures, invitations,etc along the gangways nor near the entrances/exits. This is unfair to other exhibitors and an inconvenience to visitors.

3. Demonstrations & Presentations

In the event of justifiable complaints from other exhibitors, the Organisers reserve the right to determine the acceptable sound level and extent of demonstrations.

Any promotional activity involving the demonstration of games, organised competitions or quizzes will need a permit from the Organisers.

Any films, video cassettes or slides to be shown to the public during the exhibition must obtain prior approval from the authorities concerned.

Exhibitors may appoint the Official Freight Forwarder to arrange this on their behalf.

Exhibitors are required to apply to the appropriate authorities for exercising the rights in respect to the broadcasting and public performance of all sound recording owned or controlled by them.

4. Security

(a) General security in the exhibition hall will be provided. Exhibitors and their staff will not be allowed in the exhibition hall after official hours.

(b) All personnel in the exhibition halls must wear identification badges. Exhibitor's Passes and Temporary Passes are available from the Organisers' service counter on-site.

(c) If your displays are very valuable or sensitive and you wish to hire security personnel to attend to your stand exclusively for the exhibition, please contact the Organisers for security services. Please note that you may not use your own staff or personnel from any other security agency.

(d) Exhibitor's staff are requested to be present at the booth at least 30 minutes before the exhibition opening hours and leave within 30 minutes of the closing time.

(e) For security and safety reasons, exhibit movement in or out of the halls during the show hours is not permitted.

5. Insurance

Exhibitors shall make sure that they are fully covered by insurance including, but not restricted to, all risks on their property, exhibits or articles of any kind, public liability and comprehensive protection against any loss or damage caused by any circumstance whatsoever whether by reason of fire, water, theft, accident or any other cause. The Exhibitor shall insure against, indemnify and hold the Organisers harmless in respect of all costs, claims, demands and expenses to which the Organisers may in any way be subject as a result of any loss or injury arising to any person (including memebers of the public or the Organisers' staff, agents or contractors) or property howsoever caused as a result of any act or default of the Exhibitor, his servants, agents or contractors or invitees. If the Organisers so demand the Exhibitor shall provide proof to the Organisers that the Exhibitor has adequate insurance cover.

Exhibitors must ensure that their temporary staff and the staff or their servants, agents or contractors are insured against claim for workman's compensation.

The period for which such insurance shall be maintained shall run from the time the Exhibitor or any of his servants, agents or contractors first enters the exhibition grounds, and to continue until he has vacated the exhibition grounds and all his exhibits and property have been removed.

6. Official Contractors

(a) The Organisers have appointed Official Contractors for various services so as to ensure a more efficient and regulated build-up and teardown.Please refer to the useful contact list on page 9 for details.

Unless otherwise stated,
(i) Exhibitors may appoint their own standfitting contractors subject to the approval from the Organisers.
(ii) Exhibitors are responsible for making their own arrangements for services.

(b) The services of official contractors are for the convenience of exhibitors, and the Organiser will accept no liability in respect of any contract between exhibitors and such contractors for the negligence or default of any such persons, their servants and agents.

(c) Where mechanical handling within the exhibition halls is required, only the official freight forwarder may be appointed.

7. Standfitting Contractors

(a) In adherence to safety requirements, only the Organisers' official contractor may carry out electrical and piping installations from the main source.

(b) Exhibitors may appoint their own contractor for stand design and construction subject to them being approved by the Organisers, and all approved contractors must lodge a deposit of no less than RMB 3,000 per stand with the Organisers to serve as a performance bond as well as damage deposit. The deposit, calculated at RMB 100 per square metre but subject to a minimum or RMB 3,000 per stand, will be refunded after deduction of services and damages.

(c) Exhibitors are responsible and liable for their appointed contractor's observance of all rules and regulations.This includes payment of hall management fee (see form 10)

8. Stand Boundaries and Design Restrictions

(a) Exhibitors may not place any display material or exhibit, nor extend their stand structures and fittings, beyond their contracted boundary.Failure of which,the exhibitor would be liable for the space cost of the protruding area equivalent to the amount stated in the space contract.

(b) The permitted stand height is 2.44m (8ft). Any design for a structure exceeding 2.44m in height must be submitted for approval at least 2 months in advance and will be considered on a case by case basis. If approved, this structure will be restricted to a distance of 1 metre (3.28 ft) away from the dividing walls of the neighbouring stands.

(c) Open frontages: All stands in the exhibition, irrespective of height, must have at least half of any frontage facing an aisle open or fitted with transparent material to the underside of the fascia if the design so requires.

(d) Please also refer to Exhibition Hall Specification on page 6 for more information.

9. Power Supply and Lighting

Supply Voltage :
- 380 volts 3 phase 5 wire system with neutral point solidly earthed
- 220 volts Single-phase 3 wire system with neutral point solidly earthed subject to variation ±6%
Frequency : 50 Hz with variation maintained within ±1%
Power Factor : Not less than 0.85 lagging
The following rules must be complied with:

(a) Starting arrangement of motors:

All motors must have independent automatic protection against excessive current using one of the following starters:
(i) Up to 5 HP : Direct-on-line
(ii) 5- 25 HP : Star-Delta
(iii) Above 25 HP : Auto transformer

(b) All electrical installation work connecting to the main source at the exhibition must be carried out solely by the Organiser's official contractor.

(c) Exhibitors requiring special arrangements(e.g. different voltages and frequency or special connections to equipment) must arrange for their own transformers, converters, etc.

(d) Use of multi-plugs or extension cords is not allowed in the exhibition centre.

(e) All electrical equipment must be tested and approved by the exhibition centre prior to turning on the electricity supply.

(f) All electricity supply to the booth will be switched off from source at the close of the exhibition daily. 24 hours electricity supplies can be provided by official contractor by prior arrangement at least 1 month before show. Such supplies cannot be arranged at short notice.

10. Damage to Stand Structures and Exhibition Premises

No person under any circumstances shall cut into or through any floor covering or wall nor alter stand service structure except when authorised in writing by the Organisers. Any such damage to stand service structures will be invoiced to the exhibitor.

11. Floor Loading Capacity

Please refer to Exhibition Hall Specification for floor loading.

Special arrangements, including the provision of a base plate (steel) ,may be required for any exhibit exceeding these limits. The Organiser must be informed of any such exhibit (see form 19). The Organisers' delivery schedule for heavy and large exhibits must be strictly adhered to.

12. Exhibits Move-In

Cargoes which are consigned direct to the exhibition site should NOT arrive at the consigned address (exhibition hall) earlier than , or before the build-up period.

Exhibitors, their agents or contractors are responsible for the early installation of their heavy or large exhibits according to the move-in schedule provided by the Organisers. When stand structures are erected, it may not be possible to move-in/install heavy and large exhibits that arrive late.

Please note that where mechanical handling within the exhibition halls is required, only the Official Freight Forwarder may be appointed. Forklifts, cranes and pallet trucks from other forwarders will not be allowed into the exhibition halls. Should any heavy or large exhibits arrive on site without having appointed a forwarder, the Organisers will appoint the Official Freight Forwarder to be the site installation contractor on the exhibitor's behalf, and all costs including late handling surcharges incurred will be borne by the exhibitor.

13. Customs Requirements

(a) The exhibition site is designated as Customs Bonded Area. All imported exhibits brought into the exhibition site are tax exempted provided they are reexported immediately after the close of the exhibition. No exhibits are allowed to be taken out of the exhibition area without the prior approval of the Customs.

(b) All promotional materials such as printed matters, films, video-cassettes, slides to be shown to the public during the exhibition must be prior censored by the local authorities. Exhibitors may appoint the Official Freight Forwarder to arrange this on their behalf.

(c) When bringing in goods yourself from overseas or locally, you must register upon arrival on-site for the purpose of customs clearance before any goods can be moved out of the exhibition hall.

14. Storage

No storage area will be provided on-site. Direct arrangement should be made with the Official Stand fitting Contractor or Freight Forwarder. Otherwise, exhibitors must arrange for their empty and nonusable cartons and cases to be transported back to their own premises.

15. Working Exhibits

(a) Moving machinery must be fitted with safety devices when the machines are in operation. These safety devices may be removed only when the machines are disconnected from the source of power.

(b) Working machines must be placed at a relatively safe distance from audience. We strongly recommend the use of safety guards.

(c) All pressure vessels or equipment under pressure must conform to the safety standards and regulations. Approval for its use is required.

(d) No motors, engines, contrivances or power-driven machinery may be used without adequate protection against risk of fire.

16. Dangerous Materials

(a) No naked lights and lamps or temporary gas or electrical fittings may be used in the exhibition halls. Neon lights will not be allowed in the halls.

(b) No explosives, petrol, dangerous gases or highly inflammable substances are allowed in the halls.

(c) No radioactive materials are to be used.

17. Smoking

Smoking is prohibited in the exhibition halls.

18. Stand Cleaning

During the exhibition days, general cleaning of the exhibition hall (excluding exhibitor's booth) prior to the opening hours will be provided. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor's appointed standfitting contractor to clean the exhibitor's stand. The Official Standfitting Contractor will be responsible for the cleaning of Organisers' Stand Package booths. During the build-up and tear-down periods, independent contractors appointed by exhibitors are responsible for the removal of their own stand building/dismantling materials and rubbish.

19. Sales

"Over the Counter" sales are not permitted. Exhibits may be sold during the exhibitions but under no circumstances should it be removed from the exhibition hall after the exhibition unless all customs duties/taxes have been paid. Exhibitors must appoint an authorised import and export trading company for sales transaction of exhibits.

20. Exhibitor's Information Pack

All exhibitors should register at the Organisers' service counter on arrival at the exhibition centre to collect their badges and exhibitor's information pack.

21. Groups and National Pavilions

Organisers of groups and national pavilions are responsible for ensuring that all exhibitors on their stand are fully aware of and agree to abide by these rules and regulations. Pavilion from Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong will not be listed as National Pavilion.

22. Visa Application

All exhibitors and visitors must obtain a valid visa for entry into China before departure from their origin of country. Visitors to China may apply at their nearest Chinese Embassy for a "Tourist Visa" which requires NO OFFICIAL government invitation or "Business Visa" which does require an official government invitation letter. Please note business visas cost more than tourist visas and obtaining official invitation letters take longer to process. Please consult with your travel agent for current visa requisitions.

23. Food and Beverage

According to the regulations of the exhibition halls, no outside food and beverage are allowed to be taken inside the exhibition venue for personal consumption without approval by the venue.

24. Intellectual Property Rights

The organisers have the right to request exhibitors to remove exhibits which are alleged of violating intellectual property rights. Any possible legal consequence as a result will have to be borne by the exhibitors concerned.

25. Photography & Video Shooting

No sound recording, video shooting or photo taking is allowed inside the Exhibition Venue, unless advance approval is given by the organisers.

26. Unforeseen Occurrences

In the event of any occurrence not foreseen in these Rules and Regulations the decision of the Organisers shall be final.


The following rules & regulations are very important to "space only" booths or those having interior decoration booths. Exhibitors and their appointed contractors must abide by the below strictly.

1. Build-Up & Tear-Down Schedule

Strict build-up and tear-down schedule issued by the Organisers will be enforced and it is the responsibility of the contractor to check with the Organisers on the schedule.

2. Identification

All workers employed in the construction of booth must wear identification badges provided by the organisers at all times when they are in the exhibition halls.

3. Removal of Rubbish

During the build-up period, exhibitors and their contractors will be responsible for day-to-day removal of rubbish(i.e. empty paint cans, lumber scraps, etc.). Failure to do so will result in the exhibitors or contractors being liable for the service fees involved in removing the rubbish.

4. Hall and Stand Structures

In the construction of the booth, existing fixtures or walls may not be used in any way (ie nailing, wiring or fixing of exhibits to any existing structure).

The permitted stand height is 2.44m (8ft). Any design for a structure exceeding 2.44m in height must be submitted for approval at least 8 weeks in advance and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. if approved ,this structure will be restricted to a distance of 1 metre (3.28ft) away from the dividing walls of the adjoining stands.

5. Open Frontage

All stands in the exhibition, irrespective of height, must have at least half of any frontage facing an aisle open.

6. Floor Covering

In accordance with the organisers' build-up schedule, exhibitors doing their own stand construction must arrange to have:

(a) Carpet and back wall installed within 24 hours of the scheduled work commencement date.

(b) All carpet and floor coverings must be affixed with double-sided tapes. These tapes are to be removed during the dismantling period. The use of paint or glue on the floor of the exhibition hall is strictly forbidden.

Failure to comply with these regulations may result in the delay of installation of electrices and equipment move-in and any consequential costs incurred will be charged to the exhibitor.

7. Fire Regulations

All materials used in the stand construction must be properly fire-proofed in accordance with local regulations.

8. Building Regulations (Important!)

To comply with local building regulations, detailed drawings of stands must be submitted to the organisers by the stipulated deadline for the approval of the relevant authorities authorities and the Organisers to ensure that the interests of all exhibitors are observed.

The exhibiting company and their appointed contractor(s) shall ensure the structural integrity of their booth design.

9. Dismantling

At the close of the exhibition, it is the joint responsibility of exhibitor and the contractor to dismantle and remove the stand ,in accordance with the dismantling schedule issued by the Organisers. All debris and carpets must be cleared by the exhibitors and/or their contractors by 3:00pm .

10. Observance of Rules & Regulations

Exhibitors are responsible and liable for their contractors' observance of all Rules and Regulations. The contractor must check with the exhibition centre and the Organisers as well as the local authorities on the Rules and Regulations.

11. Stand Number

The number of the stand, as allocated by the Organisers, must be clearly indicated on all sides.

Please refer to more details on stand boundaries, design restriction, power supply and lighting, etc.

Apart from the mentioned rules & regulations, exhibitors and their appointed contractors who plan to build double storey stands must comply with the follows:

Apart from the mentioned rules & regulations, exhibitors and their appointed contractors who plan to build double storey stands must comply with the follows:
1.The exhibiting company of the lower tier of a particular booth must be the same as that of the upper tier.
2.The rental rates for the contracted floor area at the upper tier shall be half (1/2) that of the lower tier. That is, if the rental rate for the lower tier floor area is US$380 per square metre, the rental rate for the upper tier floor area is US$190.
3.Double storey booths will only be allowed provided the minimum contracted floor area for the lower tier of the particular booth is 60 square metres and that the minimum length of any dimension of that area is 6 metres.
4.The contracted floor area of the upper tier shall not exceed 50% of the contracted floor area of the lower tier of the particular booth. 5.All objects exceeding 2.44 metres in height must be placed within the contracted floor area of the particular booth at a minimum distance of 1 metre from the sides and rear boundaries, adjoining a neighbouring booth.
6.According to the new regulation of the fire protection bureau, automatic sprinkle fire system should be installed on the ceiling of the first storey.
7.All booth designs and construction must comply with the guidelines, rules and regulations laid down by the local authorities, as well as both the Organisers’ and the exhibition hall owner’s requirements.
8.The exhibiting company shall ensure the structural integrity of their booth design.
9.It is the responsibility of the exhibiting company to submit 3 sets of detailed drawings (structural, architectural, mechanical and electrical - done by a qualified designer) of their booth design to the Organisers at least 3 months prior to the particular exhibition. This is to allow the Organisers ample time to screen through the designs, and to submit these designs to the relevant authorities and the exhibition hall owner who are the final approving authority.
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10.Only upon approval from all relevant parties can the exhibiting company commence work on-site. Approval will be on a case by case basis and considering the location of the design and visual effects on the neighbouring stands and smooth visitor flow.
11.The booth must be constructed in accordance with the approved design and be ready within the build-up period specified by the Organisers.
12.The exhibiting company shall ensure that the booth is torn down in a safe, systematic and organised manner within the specified tear-down period.
13.With regards to other issues in general, the rules and regulations stipulated in thie Exhibitors' Manual are still to be complied with.