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Tea & Coffee China 2018

  Tea & Coffee China 2018 is China's leading international Tea & Coffee Exhibition taking place at FHC China 2018.

China's coffee sales grew by 90% from 1998 to 2003 to 6,504.5 tonnes and continued to grow at an exponential rate reaching approx. 11,000 tonnes in 2008. Companies are seeing their local sales increase between 50 to 100% annually as affluent Chinese consumers develop a taste for coffee and its culture.

The 6th Tea and Coffee China trade exhibition held alongside FHC China 2012 closed on 16 November 2012, at Shanghai New international Expo Centre and was hailed a great success by all 200 participating companies and competition contestants.

A total of 30,156 visitors attended the 3 day exhibition including FHC and Tea & Coffee China. 32% of visitors came from Retail supermarket trade; 30% from hospitality and catering and 27% from contract catering sectors. All visitors were able to view and taste tea and coffee from distributors in China’s top distributors plus National Pavilions from Brazil and Sri Lanka.

Running alongside Tea & Coffee China is the Ultimate Barista Challenge (UBC)® China, which unlike any coffee competition seen before. Its unique format features short challenges designed to entertain and educate industry professionals. It showcases Ultimate Baristi skills, sponsors products & services and how to improve coffee quality and bottom line profits in food & hospitality service, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and cafés.
Ultimate Baristi are professional competition baristi who compete in the original UBC head to head format, on the main exhibition floor where professional visitor attendance is strongest. The UBC head to head (dueling) format is dynamic, exciting and unique to the UBC.
Get your products & services in front of and into the hands of China's decision makers and industry professionals. UBC China Sponsorship Packages are available to exhibitors.

UBC China Events include:
  • Latte Art Challenge
  • Espressoa Frappe Challenge
  • Espresso Cocktail Challenge

  • 4th FHC Coffee Cupping Challenge and Tutorials.
    Baristi, coffee shop industry and F&B trade learn the skills of coffee tasting and appreciation.
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    Current & Previous Sponsors Include: