Olive Oil Speakers
照片 姓名 头衔 Title 演讲议题 时间
Ecenterheria Germanaki - 2018NYIOO纽约橄榄油大赛评委
- 橄榄专业种植家
- 橄榄油感官评估的国际认证裁判
- 克里特岛橄榄油竞赛的组织者和协调员
- Rethimnon感官评估实验室的主管
-     Supervisor in the Organoleptic Evaluation Lab of Rethimnon 
-     Experienced  Agronomist, specialized in Olive oil  total quality & Olive tree  cultivation
-     Certified International judge for olive oil organoleptic evaluation, participating  in a variety of Greek and International competitions since 2012 as Panel Leader / coordinator / Judge
ü   New York (NYIOOC/USA) , Filaios / Greece
ü  Terraolivo / Israel ,  Domina / Italy
ü  Domina & EVO-IOOC / Italy
ü  Organizer and coordinator of the Cretan Olive Oil Competition (COOC)
Introduction to Major Olive Oil Production Countries and Tasting Session
9:30 – 10:45
Ramón Aparicio López - 西班牙塞维利亚大学橄榄油物理学家-
- "Hand Book of Olive Oil" 作者
-     Research Professor in Instituto de la Grasa of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC).
-     published more than 150 scientific papers and several books, and leaded 45 European and National R&D projects related to olive oil processing, chemical composition, sensory analysis and consumer behaviours
-     member of the Olive Oil Expert Group in the European Union
-     founder of the Division of Olive Oil of the European Federation
The Importance of Olive Oil in Human Wellbeing: From Culture to Health
11:00 – 12:15
Konstantinos Liris - ICC纽约成员
- 2018NYIOO纽约橄榄油大赛评委
- TOKYO JOOP 2017 评委会成员
- 农业食品领域的许多杂志的专栏作家
-     Member of the ICC- NY, permanent instructor of the olive oil sommelier courses in NY.
-     Member of the panel jury of the NYIOOC and other important competitions . Panel leader of NYIOOC 2016.
-     For the olive oil season of 2017, member of the panel jury on BIOPRESS- NUREMBERG , ATHENA IOOC, PREMIO CICERONE 2017, TOKYO JOOP 2017 , NY NYIOOC 2017 .
-     Columnist for many magazines in the agri-food field. 2013 till now
New Opportunities and Challenges in Imports of Olive Oil Market
13:30 – 14:45
Carola Andrea Dummer Medina - 2018NYIOO纽约橄榄油大赛评委
- TOKYO JOOP 2017 评委会成员,2016年担任评委会领导
- 创立了Panel Cata Chile(智利品酒小组)创办者
-     One of the judging panel of two different versions of the international contest Sol D´Oro in Verona (2011 and 2013),
-     as panel leader at every New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC) since 2013
-     Carola co-founded Panel Cata Chile in 2013
-     part of the Olive Oil Sommelier Certification body as one of the instructors organized by the Olive Oil Times and the International Culinary Center and held twice a year in New York and California.
Establish a Worldwide Sharing Quality Standard for the Current Global Problem of Olive Oil
15:00 – 16:15