13 Nov.

                           周      二  - 14:00-16:30 (N2-2Y39)

2018年11月13日 Tuesday - 14:00-16:30

Joanna Zheng, merchandising manager of TmallFresh (Alibaba Group), explains the opportunities for fresh produce in China’s e-Commerce & Omnichannel and sourcing strategies.

天猫(阿里巴巴集团)销售经理Joanna Zheng解释了生鲜产品在中国电子商务和全渠道以及采购战略中的机遇。

Joanna Zheng
merchandising manager

Mr Joe, Well Fruit’s commercial director, presents: “How to win over consumers with specialised retail formats.”

Well Fruit的商业总监乔先生提出:“如何用专业的零售模式赢得消费者。”

commercial director

Fang Yun, commercial director of Jiuye, a B2B & B2C logistics operator of major off-line retail chains and on-line platforms, discusses the best cold chain and marketing solutions for the omni-channel.


Fang Yun
commercial director

Gary Loh, vice-chairman & CEO of SunMoon (now part of Win-Chain’s perishable supply chain of Yiguo Group (Alibaba)), as well as chairman and founder of Dimuto, IT supply chain solutions. He will present an ambitious strategy for building a major consumer brand in China involving advanced IT-Blockchain solutions.

SunMoon的副主席兼首席执行官Gary Loh(现在是Yiguo Group(阿里巴巴)Win-Chain易腐供应链的一部分),以及IT供应链解决方案Dimuto的董事长兼创始人。 他将提出一项雄心勃勃的战略,即在中国建立一个涉及先进IT-Blockchain解决方案的主要消费者品牌。

Gary Loh
vice-chairman & CEO

Alice Wang, director of international trading firm Haisheng Group, describes successful case studies on gaining value with the multiple channels, and the firm’s experience investing in production and building consumer brands. Haisheng is the world’s nº1 supplier of apple juice concentrates, and a leading Chinese producer of fresh apples, tomato & berries.

国际贸易公司海升集团(Haisheng Group)董事Alice Wang介绍了通过多渠道获取价值的成功案例,以及公司投资生产和打造消费品牌的经验。海升是全球最大的浓缩苹果汁供应商,也是中国鲜苹果、番茄和浆果的主要生产商。

Alice Wang

Sophia Xueyan, Chunbo’s director of international procurement, discusses how to raise online demand for premium fresh produce and secure food safety.

春波国际采购总监Sophia Xueyan讨论了如何提高对优质新鲜产品的在线需求,确保食品安全。

Sophia Xueyan