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To provide professional audiences with better exhibition experience, FHC 2019 will carry out admission with ticket only for the first time. The on-site price of each ticket is RMB 100.
To get the free ticket, please complete online pre-registration in advance to get the free admission card.
Three benefits of online pre-registration in advance:
  Free visit the exhibition for three days
  Get the audience badges (only for in advance and reduce queuing time
  Get the free visiting guide
  Get a delicate gift (on site)
The three-day FHC 2018 closed on 15th Nov had succeeded in attracting over 3000+ exhibitors from 48 countries and regions and 118274 professional audiences with a 23% increase of attendance.
FHC 2019 will held on 12t h to 14th in Shanghai. The exhibition area will reach unprecedented 180000 square meter with an increase of 50% with specialized sectors. To meet the demands of all parties in industry, FHC 2019 increases three new exhibition halls (The new catering experience hall).
FHC 2019 will invite importer, dealer, retailer and service provider and other professionals. You have opportunities to face and establish contact with food manufacturers from all over the world and find new business partners and opportunities.
Co-held exhibitions are SFE, Prowine, iFresh and SME.
Unprecedented growth to 180,000sqm in 2019.
Look forward to seeing you at FHC 2019