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Event Introduction

The 24th FHC China International Culinary Arts Competition will be held simultaneously with the 26th FHC Shanghai global food trade show from November 8 to 10, 2022. Hosted by Shanghai Sinoexpo Information Markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd., the event has obtained the official certification of World Association of Chefs’ Societies A-level international events, and obtained the Shanghai Cuisine Association, Shenzhen Cuisine Association, Jilin Food Culture Research Association, Changchun Hotel Catering and Cooking Association Shanxi Cuisine Industry. Association, Cooking, Catering and Hotel Industry Association of Tibet Autonomous Region and other Association units. Since the first FHC China International Culinary Arts Competition was held in 1998, it has been adhering to its original intention, giving students or chefs who love cooking and are enthusiastic about it a competitive platform for skills exchange and mutual exchange, improving and cultivating young chefs, so as to promote and strengthen the development of Western food in China and integrate Chinese and Western food culture for win-win cooperation. With the full guidance of the teachers of the event organizing committee and the high recognition and attention of the players and all sectors of society, it has jumped from an intercontinental event to A-level international event, and promoted the event to a higher level and level professional cooking event, which also means that the event has become an international Cooking Competition with high gold content. The event also set up a “Xinghua Young Chef Scholarship” to promote the overall healthy development of Chinese young chefs and inject a steady stream of new forces and outstanding chefs into China’s cooking industry and chef talents.

Competition Structure

FHC international Western Cooking Challenge, FHC International Chinese Cooking Challenge, FHC International Western Dessert Challenge, FHC International Western Baking Challenge and China International Young Chef Challenge are subordinate to FHC China International Cooking Art Competition. They are judged according to the competition rules of the world chef Federation, and awarded the award certificates and medals certified by the world chef Federation.

Members of The Organizing Committee

Li Yaoyun

Honorary chairman

Rick Stephen

Honorary chairman

Wang Mingliang

Honorary chairman

Zhu Yifan



vice president

Dong Yan

vice president

Qiu Qiong

vice president

Tu Zhixiang

vice president

Ye Wei

vice president

Chen Yongji

vice president

Helen Fan

vice president

Zhong Wei

Executive Secretary General

Bao Xu

Secretary general

Song Huangzhi

Secretary general

Xu Xun

Secretary general

Certificate authority
Support unit


Official Specify Sponsor of Lamb
Official Specify Sponsor of U.S. Potatoes
Official Specify Sponsor of U.S. Poultry
Official Specify Sponsor of Western Pasta and Arborio Rice
Official Specify Sponsor of Truffle Codiments
Officially Specify Sponsor for Sesame oil & Cellophane Noddle & Cooking Oil
Officially Specify Sponsor of Plant Based Protein
Official Specify Sponsor of Yellow Croaker
Official Specify Sponsor for Halibut


Official Specify Sponsor for Barramundi
Official Specify Sponsor for Oven
Official Specify Sponsor of Refrigeration Equipment
Official Specify Sponsor of Induction Cooker

2022 Competition Rules & Schedule