International Competitions

FHC Shanghai International Culinary Championship

FHC China International Culinary Arts Competition is the only World Association of Chinese cuisines in China (WACS) A-level international cooking competition officially certified. This competition has been successfully held at FHC Shanghai Global Food Trade Show for 23 times. Its purpose to cultivate young chefs and strengthen the development of Chinese Western food. This also means that this competition has become a highly valuable international cooking competition.

FHC China International Pastry and Bakery Competition

FHC China International pastry and bakery competition is a personal competition subordinate to China international Culinary Art Competition and focusing on dessert and baking. The newly established “Korean mounting patterns” project in 2020 doubled the number of applicants in the 2021 competition just one year later. In addition, the popular on-site production projects such as bread baking, chocolate cake and disc dessert have also been actively participated by the contestants. Exhibition projects, such as font cakes, will also present a variety of creative works at the competition site, bring visual pleasure to the audience and witness the superb skills of the players!

FHC Shanghai International Culinary Championship

The FHC China International Culinary Arts Competition is an invitational competition for chefs. A total of 6 teams were invited to this competition, and a set meal banquet for 12 people needs to be cooked within a limited time. Each chef team consists of 4 personnel, including 3 professional chefs and 1 chef assistant. The winning team will win the FHC China International Culinary Arts Competition trophy. Each team of contestants will receive the same black box and use the public free market, allowing them to create a set of three course menu for 12 people.

China Cup Tasters Championship

The World Cup Tasters Championship (WCTC) is a competition in which professional coffee tasters demonstrate their ability to identify the characteristics of different coffees within a specific time. In the competition, three cups of coffee are arranged in a triangular formation, and two cups are the same coffee liquid, one of which is different from the other two, Players can distinguish one cup of different coffee as soon as possible through sensory experience and experience such as taste and smell. It should be noted that the contestants test the ability to distinguish different coffees in the competition, rather than determining the quality and origin of coffee. There are eight groups in each round of competition. The top eight players with the highest accuracy and the fastest speed will advance to the next round of competition, and the championship competition will be carried out among the last four players. It should be noted that (when two or more contestants correctly identify the coffee and have the same score) the player with the shortest completion time wins. Nearly 300 people signed up to participate in the competition within 30 minutes. It can be said that the world coffee cup competition is a taste war of national mobilization.


FHC international meat import and export Forum

With the continuous growth of China’s population and the continuous improvement of consumers’ income level, people’s purchase expenditure on meat food is also increasing, which makes the meat industry maintain steady growth for many years. In recent years, the high growth industry has gradually changed from the basic balance of supply and demand to short supply, and the phenomenon of short supply has begun to increase year by year, and the relevant hot topics remain high. Therefore, 2021FHC still retains the meat forum, and will invite enterprise representatives, supermarkets, associations and other industry expert representatives from the main countries of global meat products to gather together to deeply analyze the current situation and development trend of the import and export end of the global meat industry.

Future Food Design Conference

The Future Food Design Conference is committed to sharing the world’s most advanced food concepts and ideas, gaining insight into future food design trends and promoting the healthy development of the entire food industry. Through the integration of agriculture, food industry and catering service industry. Gather experts from industries, science and technology, design and other fields to work together and innovate, use food to influence and transform society, inspire human thought and improve human welfare. The main topic of the conference this year is sustainable food design. As a multi-dimensional international food design platform that leads, innovates, dialogues and inspires, 2022 Future Food Design Conference looks forward to sharing forward-looking ideas and world knowledge on sustainable food design ecology with all professional guests in the industry and friends who are passionate about food design, building a new perspective, stimulating innovation energy, exploring future trends and in a more meaningful way, Help shape a sustainable and natural food society system!

China Canned Food Technology Progress and Innovation Development Forum

The “China catering industry trend summit” series of activities were jointly launched by the catering Committee of Shanghai Chain Catering Association, Shanghai dianyou Technology Co., Ltd., ruishuo venture capital and Shanghai Sinoexpo information markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Based on Shanghai’s innovative advantages and macro vision, it is expected to establish links with national catering peers and explore the future together. This trend summit will invite heavyweight guests, including Industry Association experts, well-known chain catering entrepreneurs, supply chain experts and senior investors, to exchange and share with national catering peers around the hottest topics and in combination with macro vision, so as to explore the sustainable innovation and future development of the catering industry.

China Brand Innovation and Development Forum

This forum is a high-quality professional activity that fits in with the current hot spots, the presence of important guests, the presentation of wonderful content and the collision of multi-dimensional ideas. The forum invites the leaders of well-known chain brands in the industry, head service providers, representatives of commercial real estate, representatives of the capital side, media people, etc. to analyze the trend of the chain industry, interpret the brand flow password, and explore the brand business innovation play through the hot spots and phenomena of the large data re entering the investment market, Breakthrough with the boundary will provide the chain industry with empowerment and value-added, and bring more possibilities for the innovative integration of chain brands.