International Competitions

FHC China International Culinary Arts Competition

FHC China International Culinary Arts Competition is the only World Association of Chinese cuisines in China (WACS) A-level international cooking competition officially certified. This competition has been successfully held at FHC Shanghai Global Food Trade Show for 23 times. Its purpose to cultivate young chefs and strengthen the development of Chinese Western food. This also means that this competition has become a highly valuable international cooking competition.

The 24th FHC Shanghai International Culinary Championship

Each kitchen team will consist of 4 people, 3 qualified chefs & 1 Kitchen Assistant. The winning team will receive the 2021 FHC Shanghai International Culinary Championship. As an invitation category only for professional chefs, the competition invited 6 teams from different regions. Each team will cook off against the clock to prepare a set function for 12 persons, consisting of: appetizer, main course and dessert. Rules of using the Black Box and a Common Table market place are set to add fun and challenge to the competition. Each team need to choose the ingredients to use within the limited time, combine their training and understanding of the ingredients to cook and present their dishes for tasting.

The 24th FHC China International Pastry and Bakery Competition

2021.11.09-11 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall N3-N3C71
The 24th FHC China International pastry and bakery competition is a personal competition subordinate to China international Culinary Art Competition and focusing on dessert and baking. The newly established “Korean mounting patterns” project in 2020 doubled the number of applicants in the 2021 competition just one year later. In addition, the popular on-site production projects such as bread baking, chocolate cake and disc dessert have also been actively participated by the contestants. Exhibition projects, such as font cakes, will also present a variety of creative works at the competition site, bring visual pleasure to the audience and witness the superb skills of the players!

The 9th Shanghai Fashion Drinks Competition-Shanghai Division

2021.11.09-11 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall E6-E6H15
As the wind vane of the beverage industry chain, the 9th Shanghai Fashion Drinks Competition will present a highly professional and participatory industry exchange ceremony for exhibitors, judges, contestants and professional audiences in Shanghai from November 9 to 11. With more and more powerful professional background and wonderful on-site challenges, fashion drinks competition affects and promotes the beverage market in its unique form. A total of 10 regional races have been held this season, and the top four players in each division will be selected to participate in the national finals of the 9th Fashion Drink competition will hold at the 31st Hotelex Shanghai International Hospitality Equipment & foodservice Expo in March 2022.

2022 China Latte Art Championship-Shanghai Division

2021.11.09-11 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall E6-E6A38
China latte art championship is a professional coffee competition based on high-quality coffee launched by world coffee events. It is the second largest coffee competition in the world and the highest competition hall of Latte art.

2022 China Brewers Cup-Shanghai Division

2021.11.09-11 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall E6-E6H30
With the continuous rapid development of coffee industry in China and the rise of culture, the international market has paid more attention to China. Shanghai Sinoexpo information markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd. as the authorized unit in China of the global coffee professional competition, has always led the pace in the coffee field. The competition focuses on the players making coffee by themselves with filters in order to improve the skills of manual coffee making and excellent service experience. The event marks that boutique coffee is a series of production areas, manors, technology, flavor, performance, hand washing and extraction skills, and can even create an idol fashion industry. 2021 China brewers cup will cover more cities and attract more coffee lovers to participate.

2022 China Cup Tasters Championship

2021.11.09-11 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall E6-E6A12
The World Cup Tasters Championship (WCTC) is a competition in which professional coffee tasters demonstrate their ability to identify the characteristics of different coffees within a specific time. In the competition, three cups of coffee are arranged in a triangular formation, and two cups are the same coffee liquid, one of which is different from the other two, Players can distinguish one cup of different coffee as soon as possible through sensory experience and experience such as taste and smell. It should be noted that the contestants test the ability to distinguish different coffees in the competition, rather than determining the quality and origin of coffee. There are eight groups in each round of competition. The top eight players with the highest accuracy and the fastest speed will advance to the next round of competition, and the championship competition will be carried out among the last four players. It should be noted that (when two or more contestants correctly identify the coffee and have the same score) the player with the shortest completion time wins. Nearly 300 people signed up to participate in the competition within 30 minutes. It can be said that the world coffee cup competition is a taste war of national mobilization.

China Gelato Championship

2021.11.09-11 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall E5-E5A01
In order to promote the development of China’s ice cream industry, we will promote fresh and healthy gelato to more people. The sponsor, Shanghai Sinoexpo information markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd. has held the China Gelato Championship since 2013. We strive to build a professional platform in the industry to provide a place for people who love ice cream. We also look forward to all the new talents and veterans in the industry to show their talents here, set off a new round of gelato frenzy and jointly promote the development of China’s ice cream industry.

2021 CFCA Chocolate Talent

2021.11.09-11 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall E6
CFCA chocolate talent is divided into two sections: boutique chocolate competition area and boutique chocolate beverage competition area, from which four awards are generated: boutique chocolate Designer Award, boutique chocolate craftsman award, boutique cocoa beverage Master Award and best visual design award. It provides a professional platform for high-quality chocolate practitioners springing up in China to try their skills in their respective fields.

The 3rd Group Meal Competition

2021.11.09-11 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall E4E11
The 3rd group meeting competition will be held simultaneously with the 25th FHC Shanghai global food exhibition from November 9 to 11, 2021. The event was hosted by China culinary Association and hosted by the group meal Committee of China culinary Association. It was strongly supported by Shanghai catering and cooking industry association, Shanghai Sinoexpo information markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Zhanjiang Guolian aquatic Development Co., Ltd., YIHAI KERRY Food Marketing Co., Ltd. and provincial and municipal industry associations. Since the first group meal competition was held in 2014, the national group meal competition has effectively improved the management level and comprehensive service capacity of group meal service units, strongly promoted the continuous improvement of group meal ecological environment, and made positive contributions to the implementation of the “healthy China” strategy and the high-quality development of group meal enterprises, It also means that the national group meal competition has become a professional boutique event with the highest gold content, the largest scale and great influence in the industry. The event provides a broad professional platform for managers and cooks of catering units to display, compete and communicate. Each event has three awards: Special Gold Award, Gold Award and silver award. The scores obtained are 90-100, 80-89.99 and 70-79.99 respectively.

2021 China Chocolate Application Competition

2021.11.09-11 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall E5-E5A30
The chocolate application competition will be held in combination with the domestic consumer market to provide a stage for professional chocolate craftsmen


2021 FHC international meat import and export Forum

2021.11.09-11 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall N2 Forum area A-N2H40
With the continuous growth of China’s population and the continuous improvement of consumers’ income level, people’s purchase expenditure on meat food is also increasing, which makes the meat industry maintain steady growth for many years. In recent years, the high growth industry has gradually changed from the basic balance of supply and demand to short supply, and the phenomenon of short supply has begun to increase year by year, and the relevant hot topics remain high. Therefore, 2021FHC still retains the meat forum, and will invite enterprise representatives, supermarkets, associations and other industry expert representatives from the main countries of global meat products to gather together to deeply analyze the current situation and development trend of the import and export end of the global meat industry.

2021 FHC Global Dairy Forum and Happy Cheese Day

2021.11.09-11 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall N2 Forum area B-N2H40 N2A50
2021fhc global dairy forum and the first “happy cheese day” is a comprehensive forum activity integrating forum and theme market, which is newly created by FHC Shanghai global food trade show organizer Shanghai Sinoexpo information markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and top pastry chef of China Club. For the purpose of exploring the development trend, improving the marketing management level and achieving high-quality business cooperation, the forum invited top analysts, experts and well-known brands in the domestic dairy industry to jointly discuss the future development direction of dairy enterprises and dissect the current industry pain points and opportunities. “Happy cheese day” will design a theme concept area and set up a brand product display and appreciation area with “market” as the main design style at the outer ring of the forum. The organizer will provide a standard booth full of cheese elements and invite major cheese brands to “carry bags” to the “market”. Participants will display, cook and try their products to enrich the contents of the market.

FHC international leisure food forum

In recent years, the demand of domestic snack food market has expanded, the consumption of medium and high-end products has increased, and the change of snack food industry has accelerated. The requirements for brand marketing, channel product R & D and taste innovation of the industry are higher and higher. With the theme of “new opportunities for brands in the era of consumption”, this forum invited 8 experts in the leisure food industry to share their expertise, discuss the future development direction of leisure food enterprises, dissect the current industry pain points and opportunities, and pool the industry wisdom.

Innovation and growth – the 15th China catering innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum

2021.11.09-11 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall N2 Forum area A-N2H40
What are the characteristics of catering brand development in 2021? How to layout digital catering? How can catering enterprises achieve sustainable growth? How to innovate and transform catering brands? On November 9, new media in the catering industry made every effort to create the “innovation growth” 2021 · the 15th China catering innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum and the top 100 award ceremony of the Fifth China catering innovation list. The conference will focus on the three dimensions of “innovation, growth and digital intelligence”, and invite more than 20 founders of industry segmentation head brands such as throbbing burning fairy grass, Kuafu Fried String and black classics to share systematically and comprehensively, Try to present a “full of dry goods” innovation feast for people in the catering industry.

FHC Shanghai Golbal Food Trade Show prepared food forum

2021.11.09-11 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall N2 Forum area B-N2H40 N2A50
In recent years, according to the survey, about 70% of the meals in takeout are made of prefabricated dishes. It also covers almost all food sales channels, including catering, supermarkets, convenience stores, e-commerce, professional takeout markets, etc. Prepared dishes not only save the time of making dishes and meals, but also greatly reduce the raw materials and labor costs of catering enterprises. However, the food safety of prepared dishes remains to be considered, and prefabricated dishes may also lead to the industrialization of catering. How to accurately use prepared dishes and its development future has become a hot topic for major catering enterprises and relevant practitioners. The theme of this forum is “super future of prefabricated semi-finished products market”. Well known brand enterprises, factories, industry experts, well-known catering providers and takeout practitioners will be invited to jointly discuss the development direction, possible obstacles and solutions of Chinese prefabricated dishes, exchange the experience and achievements of enterprises in cooperation, and open a new chapter of predicting dishes.

Digital Technology Helps Supply Chain Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency Summit

2021.11.09 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall N2 Forum area D N4H20
The forum takes Traceability Technology as a means to accelerate the realization of the development goals of ensuring food safety, improving the comprehensive efficiency of enterprises, and transmitting the comprehensive control ability and trust of enterprise products to consumers and the market. This forum specially invites the person in charge of food and catering supply chain to share the system construction of food and catering supply chain. At the same time, relevant technical leaders such as traceability, blockchain and information security were also invited to share how to help the food supply chain reduce costs and increase efficiency through digital technology.

2021(The Third)Chinese Food Supply Chain Conference

2021.11.10 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall N2 Forum area D N4H20
General Secretary Xi stressed that “the industrial chain and supply chain cannot fall off at a critical moment, which is an important feature of the economy of a large country”. The global epidemic is still in a pandemic state, and epidemic peaks have emerged in many countries. The pressure of foreign anti import and economic downturn still exists in China. Facing the more complex and severe external environment and the difficulties and risks faced by economic recovery and development, it is urgent to strengthen the scientific and technological innovation of the food industry and the deep integration of the industrial chain and supply chain. In order to optimize the food industry chain, enhance the toughness of the food supply chain, guide enterprises to strengthen basic research and promote the deep integration of scientific and technological innovation and the real economy, China non-staple food circulation association, as a national first-class Association, actively responds to national policies, based on industry development and wholeheartedly serves enterprises. With the theme of “digital technology empowers high-quality food supply chain”, the purpose of this conference is “co construction, coordination and sharing”, and digital technology as a means to accelerate the optimization of food supply chain and improve the comprehensive efficiency and market toughness of enterprises.

Explosive Flow – 2021 The 3th Delivery Industry Conference

2021.11.09 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall N2 Forum area E N4H40
In order to promote the data flow reform of the whole catering industry, Hongqi mathematics catering society and Shanghai Sinoexpo information markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd. jointly carried out the explosive flow – 2021 the 3rd delivery industry conference to help more local life businesses such as catering and retail do a good job in brand exposure and performance growth.

China catering New Media Marketing Summit-Unlock Youth Power

2021.11.10 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall N2 Forum area E N4H40
2021 China catering New Media Marketing Summit will be held in FHC Shanghai global food trade show hall N4 forum area E on November 10, 2021, hosted by Shanghai Sinoexpo information markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Chinese food education group; Must attend catering class, buffeting society, small high-tech meal class, conflict orientation society, canyin168 and orange meal school; Hua Xinsi, malahongbao, meal Kung Fu, happy food, CCTV brand new era, mark Xu food photography, guokr media, business partner, Qiping, Weichu and Waimai overlord food. At that time, many well-known brand founders, experts and talents of domestic food enterprises will jointly discuss the marketing trend and category rise opportunities of the catering industry around the theme of “Unlock Youth Power”.

On the inheritance, innovation and development of Shanghai Cuisine

2021.11.09 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall N2 Forum area F N5H50
The trend of the new era is updated and iterated. People pay more attention to bringing different tastes and experiences when dining. How to make Shanghai cuisine carry forward the tradition and innovate in the change of the times has become a challenge that old hotels have to face. The forum was co sponsored by Shanghai Cuisine Association and Shanghai Sinoexpo information markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and specially invited three guests to come to the site to discuss the future development road from different angles and turn challenges into opportunities in combination with the current situation of catering trend and around the “inheritance” and “innovation” of Shanghai cuisine, Build time-honored hotels into a century old enterprise.

“Outside Boundedness” 2021 China Baking New Force Brand Sharing Conference (Baking Localization)

2021.11.10 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall N2 Forum area F N5H50
When baking is gradually standardized and industrialized, more and more personalized products are slowly disappearing; Many traditional skills have gradually disappeared from sight. In the face of this era of personality, national tide and domestic products have become the pride of Post-00. How to explore the existing local culture and local famous foods and implant them into baking, so as to regain the confidence of national culture and make the baking revival trend become the creative source of personalized products. How to cultivate local culture? How to pick up local products? Therefore, we invited some brands to talk about their practices and exploration of product localization.

“Trend camp” business space and Brand Design Summit

2021.11.10 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall W1-SFE area
Carry out communication and interaction around the current and future development of chain business, deconstruct the changes of new consumer market and new generation consumption patterns, clarify the new track of chain business under the new economic environment, provide reference for enterprises with practical case experience, and jointly lead and promote the development of chain business industry through design innovation drive.

China Sustainable Seafood Summit-Diversifying Markets and Reducing Food Waste

2021.11.09 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall N2 Forum area B-N2H40 N2A50
In 2021, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has deeply affected the global supply chain, environmental protection initiatives such as “opening up new prospects for biodiversity conservation” and “focusing on new carbon emission policies for climate change” have also exerting profound influence on the aquatic product supply chain, and put forward more requirements for the sustainable development of the seafood industry. It also brings more opportunities to the whole industry. At the same time, adhering to the strategic direction of sustainable development, how to enable small, medium-sized and micro enterprises to reduce food waste, promote the modeling and standardization of food waste control in the whole industry, improve the industry and public awareness, reduce the ecological footprint of food production and consumption, and help establish a sustainable food system is a long way to go.

Digital Transformation and Upgrading of Catering Seminar

2021.11.09-11 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall N2 Forum area D N4H20
How brands choose digital tools to improve efficiency with the final thinking slogan: efficient operation, scientific decision-making and smart future Seminar: expert sharing + head brand digital transformation achievement sharing and in-depth discussion industry analysis and strategic layout suggestions for in-depth digital transformation brought by major digital strategy upgrading experts, Open up the correct understanding of catering digitization by all brands; The head brands of the catering industry were invited to share their achievements and problems in the process of digital upgrading. At the same time, the host and participants asked questions and discussed them together. The head tool service provider was also invited to hold a round table. Through the in-depth interactive communication between the catering founders and third-party experts + sharp questions from the guests, Deeply discuss the way to upgrade the digital strategy of catering.

China Food Conference on the Integration of Domestic & Foreign Trade

2021.11.09-11 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall N2 Forum area G E7H30
10:00-12:00 on November 9: opening ceremony and China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of foodstuff, 14:00-17:00 inaugural meeting of food, agricultural products domestic and foreign trade integration professional committee traders: Main Forum – key elements of domestic and foreign trade integration supply chain construction 10:00-12:00 on November 10 category 1: special session on leisure food and prepackaged food 14:00-17:00 category 2: fresh food Special session on prefabricated dishes and cold chain supply chain, November 11, 10:00-12:00 category III: tea fragrance overflowing – tea enterprises gathering and tea tasting

2021 China Canned Food Technology Progress and Innovation Development Forum

2021.11.09-11 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall N2 Forum area H E3F50
At present, the development achievements of China’s can industry are at the best period in history, the industrial scale is gradually growing, the product types are constantly enriched, and the quality and safety situation is continuously improved. Through the efficient utilization of raw materials of agricultural products, it has effectively expanded and improved the agricultural industrial chain and value chain, provided strong support for increasing farmers’ income, improving rural appearance and helping to comprehensively fight poverty. At the same time, it has always played an important role in earning foreign exchange through export, supplying military supplies, earthquake relief and ensuring social food supply. However, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been a major problem in recent years, as a result of the export trade friction, trade barriers and new crown pneumonia epidemic. The only way to break the current bottleneck constraints of the industry is to use scientific and technological means and strength. With the theme of “innovation, upgrading and efficiency enhancement”, the conference gathered the scientific research resources of the industry, invited key enterprises of the industry to discuss the energy conservation and consumption reduction, scientific and technological production and domestic market development of canned food in the current industry development, trying to strengthen industrial scientific and technological exchanges and promote the high-quality development of China’s canned food industry.

2021 The 3th China Catering Industry Trend Summit

2021.11.09-11 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall N2 Forum area H E3F50
The “China catering industry trend summit” series of activities were jointly launched by the catering Committee of Shanghai Chain Catering Association, Shanghai dianyou Technology Co., Ltd., ruishuo venture capital and Shanghai Sinoexpo information markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Based on Shanghai’s innovative advantages and macro vision, it is expected to establish links with national catering peers and explore the future together. This trend summit will invite heavyweight guests, including Industry Association experts, well-known chain catering entrepreneurs, supply chain experts and senior investors, to exchange and share with national catering peers around the hottest topics and in combination with macro vision, so as to explore the sustainable innovation and future development of the catering industry.

New consumption, new cycle and new pattern — 2021 China Business Franchise Autumn Summit

2021.11.9 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall W1-SFE area
In 2021, with the superposition of various complex environmental factors, the chain industry experienced an unprecedented rapid iteration, integrated with the domestic economy, quickly got rid of the influence of various uncertain factors and walked out of a more clear growth channel. On the one hand, digitization has completed the in-depth transformation of chain entities. Under the consumer demand of thousands of people and thousands of faces, the business format has been more subdivided, and many new brands with market volume have been born; On the one hand, the mainstream benchmarking brands continue to strengthen their internal skills, seize opportunities in the turbulent market changes, and the scale of stores continues to reach a new high. With the rapid development of the chain industry, the upstream and downstream industrial supporting facilities are more perfect, from suppliers of raw materials, packaging and equipment to service providers such as image design, store operation and system development, as well as the current frequent influx of capital, so as to provide continuous empowerment and assistance for the rapidly developing chain brands. With the joint efforts of all parties, a new golden age of domestic chain industry has been opened! In this context, China Commerce Association for general commerce, Shanghai Chain Enterprise Association, Shanghai Sinoexpo information markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Exhibition Conference, Ltd. jointly organized the “2021 China business franchise and operation autumn summit”, with the pattern and vision of full business format, diversification and internationalization, bringing together authoritative associations and industry heavyweight guests to jointly create a peak event to share and explore the road of chain business reform and innovation in this new era, and lead the future of chain industry with the collision of wisdom of all parties.

“Joining evolution lecture” – joint roadshow of strictly selected brands

2021.11.9-10 Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Hall W2-SFE area
The domestic catering market has a scale of more than 4 trillion and is expected to continue to grow by more than 10%. With the continuous deepening of urbanization and the continuous upgrading of consumer demand, the chain process of catering brands has increased significantly. It has a large number of high-quality chain franchise brands and a single store profit model with strong replicability, bringing a large number of high-quality franchise opportunities to the franchise investment market. Aiming at the direction of franchise investment in the catering competition, we invited representatives of widely known franchise brands such as Puro gusto, TBF, super Thai Malatang, Gan Shiji, Huaxiao Xinjiang fried noodles, Pu Mengji and Tang Baolai to explore what new hot spots and opportunities will usher in under the catering competition? With the support of Internet technology and complete industrial chain, the personalized needs of thousands of consumers continue to release, driving the rapid rise of subdivided categories. While reshaping the market pattern and expanding the market cake, it also brings more dynamic elements to the franchise investment market and brings new matching choices to investors.