2018Global Dairy Forum

The 22nd International Exhibition for the Food, Drink, Hotel,
Restaurant, Foodservice, Bakery & Supermarket Industries
Location:Shanghai New International Expo Centre
Date:Nov. 13 – Nov. 15
Booth No.:N5DA07
At present, China's dairy market is in a stage of rapid development and has unlimited prospects. And in China, the annual per capita consumption of dairy products is still very low. With the rapid growth of residents' income, China's future market potential is huge.
So how do dairy companies achieve rapid growth in sales in the Chinese market? How to effectively promote high-end dairy products such as cheese in the Chinese market? In this event, we will invite relevant departments of the dairy industry to discuss together.
We will invite dairy industry authorities from around the world to participate in this forum, including government officials, business representatives, industry experts and more.
We will invite well-known dairy companies from around the world to participate in this forum. Through the cheese tasting event, dairy companies and professional buyers will lay a solid foundation for the future Chinese dairy market.
The summit forums is professional and targeted at a wide range of products in the dairy industry.
Nov. 13th
Nov. 14th - 15th
- Sharing and tasting
We will invite dairy industry authorities from around the world to visit the site to share their expertise in the dairy forum, to guide the audience to understand the cheese from different countries, to experience the different aromas and tastes of the place of origin and variety, professional and vivid.
- Cooking exploration
At the tasting site, international celebrity chefs will use fresh ingredients to customize the cooking with dairy products from different places, so that the audience of the on-site tasting can clearly feel the balanced taste and the deep milky aroma of the cheese from different places. Leaves aroma between the lips and teeth.
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