FHC 2018 PMQ-Fizz Cup Chinese Pizza Championship



The Chinese Pizza Championship has been held by PMQ on the FHC for twelve times so far. The contest has become one of the most influential pizza events in China and is in a leading position in China, including aspects of the regularity of the competition, the professionalism of the judges, the skill level of the participants。It has been supported and sponsored by many outstanding enterprises.


The Chinese Pizza Championship continues its traditions and have two events: (1)Pizza making competition  (2)Freestyle acrobatic dough tossing competition.

The competition lasted for three days and the participants come from all over the world including China, United States, Russia, Italy,Australia, Sweden,Japan and many other countries.The upgraded tournament is more international.


We invite a professional host to direct the whole process. Live activities are fantastic, including wonderful freestyle acrobatic dough tossing show, the live interaction, the prizes distribution and so on. We invite the Italian Pizza Association to show the innovative pizza making and invite visitors to taste. Look pizza industry trends, touch market hotspots, and discuss the hot issues with pizza industry professionals.


More information about 2018 PMQ-Fizz Cup Chinese Pizza Championship is updating. To be continued!



Review of the last event


Pizza Industry Forum, talking with pizza masters

We held the "Pizza Industry Status and Innovation" forum,pizza masters from all over the world gathered in FHC to discuss the current status and future trends of the pizza industry.



On-site pizza tasting, wonderful performance, bring joy to the audience

The culinary masters from all over the world showed their cooking skills and invited the audiences to taste and comment their works. The champion from World Pizza Champions led the team to perform freestyle acrobatic dough tossing, bring joy to the audience. A variety of interactive activities attract a large number of audiences.




Through the pizza making competition and free style acrobatic dough competition, contestants can learn from each other

For the contestants from global and domestic, the intense pizza making competition is not only a stage to compete, but also a place to learn from each other. The wonderful freestyle acrobatic dough tossing competition attract a large number of professional buyers.





Senior Judges   


Mike Arvblom(Sweden)


Mr. Mike Arvblom was graduated from culinary institute, and had won the championship of traditional pizza in Italy World pizza championship twice, won the second place many times. Mr. Mike Arvblom has extremely rich experience in pizza industry and won numerous awards in the past 20 years. Mr. Mike Arvblom is also the founder of the World Pizza Association.


Year 2012-2017 Judge of Swedish National Pizza Championship Year 2014-2017 Judge of World Pizza Championship Year 2014-2017 Judge of Chinese Pizza Championship


Yan Chen(China)


Ms. Yan Chen graduated from Zhengzhou Food Science and Technology College, major in Food Science & Engineering, she is senior technician, national senior baking examiner, invited application experts of Xiamen polytechnic University and Fujian Economic and Trade School.

Ms. Yan Chen engaged in baking noodles food industry research for nearly 20 years. Lead research teams to study the world's wheat, milling process, have developed more than 50 kinds of high-quality special flour, and have made outstanding contributions for China's baking and leisure food technology development.

Ms. Yan Chen served as COFCO Leisure Food R & D Center Director, COFCO Grain R&D Center Deputy Director, COFCO Xiamen Haijia Flour Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer.


Andrea Bertuola(Italy)


Since the year 2009, Mr. Andrea Bertuola has established Italian chain restaurant brand ALLA TORRE in Shanghai. Until now Mr.Andrea Bertuola has totally opened six ALLA TORRE Happy Square restaurants in Shanghai Lujiazui, Jing'an Temple, Shenzhen sea world and other fashion landmarks.

Since the year 2011, ALLA TORRE brand has been awarded the title “The best pizza restaurant” by multiple professional gourmet magazines, and Mr. Andrea Bertuola is known as the benchmark character who promotes Italian food in China.


Bin Yang (China)


Mr. Bin Yang has served seven international five-star hotel and served as the head chef of three of them.

Mr. Bin Yang has been serving in Fonterra for many years and currently serves as food service technical manager of east China region in Fonterra.

With keen market insight, excellent creativity and more than ten years of experience, Mr. Bin Yang has developed a number of products that combine taste and appearance into one, which is deeply loved by customers.


Maya (Canada)


Mr. Maya specializes making pizza, and has worked in Joe's Pizza in New York for many years and has extensive experience in pizza.

Mr. Maya is currently the head of Joe’s Pizza in Shanghai.

In 2017, while Joe's Pizza entered Shanghai. Mr. Maya led the team and developed a variety of pizzas. He was popular with consumers and won the City Weekend Award at the beginning of Joe's Pizza’s opening.


Previous Sponsors of Competition







Competition Time:13-15 November 2018

Location:Shanghai New International Expo Center

Registration Fee:RMB 100 for each kind of competition event

Registration Deadline:30 September 2018

Competition Event:
(1)Pizza making competition
(2)Freestyle acrobatic dough tossing competition

Registration QR Code:


More information, please contact:


+86 21-33507950 ext.8322