Since 2008, China canning industry association has regularly held Shanghai International canned food, raw and auxiliary materials and Mechanical Equipment Expo in Shanghai every year. So far, it has been held for 12 consecutive sessions. Its professionalism and customer satisfaction have been widely recognized by enterprises and become a platform for Industry Exchange and cooperation. CCFIA and Shanghai Sinoexpo information markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd. jointly organized the exhibition during FHC Shanghai global food exhibition in the same period. The overall exhibition scale reached 200000 square meters, of which the exhibition area of can storage exhibition was nearly 10000 square meters. At that time, it will attract a large number of professional visitors from all over the world. The exhibition is bound to become an annual industry event for all canned food, raw and auxiliary materials and mechanical equipment in the food industry.

The audience will mainly come from upstream and downstream distributors and agents of canned food industry, supermarkets, e-commerce, baking and catering channels, hotel channels, export and emergency procurement. Relying on the FHC Shanghai global food trade show, Shanghai International Franchise Expo and ifresh Asian fruit and vegetable industry expo held in the same period, strong alliances are made to share the professional audience of the food and beverage industry.

Exhibit categories and characteristic exhibition area

Manufacturer of canned food and raw and auxiliary materials
Canned fruit / canned meat / canned aquatic products / canned vegetables / canned nuts / canned mother and baby / canned pet / agricultural products / aquatic products / livestock products, etc
Convenient, ready to eat food and meal Enterprises
Self heating food / convenience dishes / instant seafood / semi finished food, etc
Mechanical equipment supporting enterprise
Supporting mechanical equipment related to canned food such as empty can production, sealing and sterilization
Packaging supporting enterprise
Tinplate can / high barrier flexible packaging / easy opening cover / unscrewing cover / sealant / printing / coating / metal detection instrument / automatic weighing device / labeling machine / glass can, etc
Other related canned food production supporting and service enterprises, etc

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