Sustainable development

We know that sustainable development is becoming more and more important to our visitors, exhibitors and markets. Holding exhibitions gives us many opportunities to improve our environmental, social and economic impact on the host city. We hope that our exhibition will become more responsible and help them solve major challenges by connecting people, networks and knowledge, so as to promote the sustainability of our market.

Our three goals

We believe that sustainable exhibitions should focus on three objectives:

How to be more sustainable?

We hope to stimulate the global sustainable development goals with the help of the market

We are committed to:
-Use the exhibition content to support the sustainable development of the market served by the exhibition
-Encourage our suppliers, exhibitors and other stakeholders to organize sustainable exhibitions together
-Establish market related partnerships

We want to ensure that the exhibition is held in a more environmentally responsible manner

We are committed to:
-Reduce carbon emissions from exhibitions
-Reduce waste generation
-Refer to its sustainable certification qualification when purchasing supplies for the exhibition

We hope to consider how to hold the exhibition in a socially responsible manner

We are committed to:
-Operate a safe and ethical business
-Focus on welfare and accessibility
-Focus on welfare and accessibility
-Measuring our impact

INFORMA MARKETS sustainable development

Our exhibition is part of Informa Markets and Informa Group. Informa sustainable development focuses on the long-term impact of our stakeholders, including exhibitors and visitors, as well as our colleagues, communities and the environment.

Many of our stakeholders have clearly told us that sustainability (social, economic and environmental) is no longer a icing on the cake, but an integral part of the exhibition. We want to ensure that these expectations are met, and we believe that sustainability is the right thing to do.

We also realize that this is not only how we present exhibitions and products, but also recognize our responsibility to cooperate with the market and stimulate the sustainable development of the industries we serve. This is an ongoing process, and we are still making progress.

Welcome to our website and the latest sustainable development report to learn about our current work and

Informa and its exhibitions have received a number of awards and recognition, including:

Contact us to share your story

Do you want to work with us for the sustainable development of the exhibition? Would you like to share your stories and efforts? Do you have a good idea? Please contact the exhibition team or Informa sustainability team: